The Tom Baker Story

Tom Baker was the first child to have a Tomcat Trike made for him. he is the reason why Tomcat is here and why thousands of children with special needs now know what it is to cycle.

Tom Baker aged 8


When it comes to supporting Tomcat, no one says it better than you. We receive lots of photographs and letter of gratitude for the work that we do


Tomcat Twisters

Tomcat Twisters™ -  The new orthotic designer trainer with a heel counter that drops clear for easy on and off, with or without splints or AFOs

Innovative twisting technology enables easy on-off

We are specialists in the design and custom building of innovative equipment for children and adults with special needs.  Our award winning products include:

  • Special Needs tricycles for mild to severe disabilities.
  • School and workplace chairs which enable users with growth or co-ordination difficulties to transfer independently.
  • Safeguard beds for children with night safety issues.

We distribute our products throughout the UK and the wider world.

To get in touch, please call 01452 616 900.


Tomcat invented carer controlled rear steering and braking for tricycles.  Tomcat's innovation enabled those with visual, physical, learning or behaviour difficulties, to cycle anywhere and everywhere in total safely, and changed the world of Special Needs Cycling forever.  

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Tomcat's fixed Safeguard Bed was invented in 1999 and ensures all children with night safety issues stay safe during the wee small hours. They can be specially designed and bespoke built for specific sleeping problems.

Tomcat's innovative work chairs are designed to enable independent sitting at a school desk or office workstation, by simplifying on and off transfers, and removing all manual handling by support staff. 

Each new Tomcat innovation brings the thrill of independence and joy of movement to an ever widening group of disabled users, but Tomcat's policy of custom building every tricycle then guaranteeing its success, has won the hearts of therapists, parents and funders alike, and made The Tomcat the UK’s best loved therapy aid, and the tricycle by which all others are judged.*

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